Here's what they say in Moravia, NY



“We are very happy with our windows, and the installers done superior work.”


                                                                           Anthony Babcock

                                                                           Moravia, NY


“Honesty during the sale, promptness and courtesy during the installation and a high quality product installed properly best describes the Meyer Window Co.  I am very pleased!


                                                                          Robert Beaulieu

                                                                           Moravia, N.Y.


“You did a nice job.  Your workers were friendly and answered all my questions.”


                                                                            Mary Kehoe

                                                                           Moravia, NY  

Dear Richard Meyer
    "I would like to take the time to let you know that Mary and I are very satisfied with the windows we had installed."
    "I'd also like to say a word about your installer, Jeff.  He was a neat worker courteous and professional.  We were very impressed."

                                                                            Dick Murphy
                                                                            Moravia, NY


"The installation of the windows were done so quickly and professionally.  The installer was very careful with the installing the windows and took the time to explain how to operate the windows and make sure that everything was put back to the same condition prior to installing the windows.  The windows are great.  I can't believe the difference in our living room with the summer heat.  Last summer we were roasted out of the living room even with the blinds down and the fans going.  This year with the new windows, we can comfortably be in the living room.  Thank you very much."


                                                                            Linda Heggen

                                                                            Moravia, NY


"Knowledgeable, friendly people who really know all about windows.  The installers were very courteous and efficient.  The workmanship is excellent and the windows are guaranteed.  We gladly recommend Richard Meyer windows."


                                                                            Robert Beaulieu

                                                                            Moravia, NY


"Excellent work!"


                                                                            Chuck W. Felko    

                                                                            Locke, NY


"The gentleman who installed my windows did a great job!  Thank you!"


                                                                            Susan May

                                                                            Moravia, NY


"Your company represents the highest quality workmanship and materials.  The job we had done was installation of a new bow window, and the final outcome was even better that we could imagine.  We were extremely pleased all the way."


                                                                        Thomas L. Steger

                                                                        Moravia, NY 





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