Here's what they say in Solvay, NY



I feel that the Richard Meyer Window & Door Co., Inc. is a very reliable company.  Everyone is friendly, and anxious to please.  I really like my windows, doors and awnings.


                                                                          Belle Luetchford

                                                                          Solvay, NY


 I have been very pleased with new kitchen windows and also the windows in my family room, particularly the past winters of 93 & 94.  My new front and rear doors are wonderful.  They fit excellent to keep out the cold and heat and are much more secure.  When I had a minor problem with the rear door, it was repaired promptly.  Service is always available.  



                                                                          Catherine Loperfido

                                                                          Solvay, NY  


Your workers are quick, efficient and courteous.  The windows are wonderful.  My apologies for taking so long to return this but I wanted to evaluate the windows.  Get Mel to shorten his sales pitch and youll corner the CNY market.


                                                                           Geraldine Cottrell

                                                                            Solvay, NY



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