Here's what they say in Tully, NY



“You carry a high quality line of products and your workmen are most professional in their installation responsibilities!”


                                                                          Wistar Hatch

                                                                           Tully, NY


“Please excuse the lateness for returning this form.  With Christmas and the holidays falling immediately after the replacement of my window, this request got set aside.

I was extremely pleased with the way your company worked with its client and respected client’s requests and wishes.  The two windows I had replaced in my kitchen have made a considerable difference in the temperature in that room.

Jim, the installer of the windows, was very particular and made sure he insulated

The area surrounding the windows as much as possible.  He seemed very interested in

Doing the job perfectly and effectively and not just rushing through to get it done.  He handled several obstacles with patience and maturity.  I certainly would recommend him to anyone who is considering having windows installed.

          I want to thank you for your cooperation and wish you and your company a very successful year 2001.”



                                                                            Cathy Shaugnessy

                                                                            Tully, NY


“The Richard Meyer Window & Door Company staff members are very efficient, accommodating and considerate.  The installer of my windows, Jim, was extremely precise and thorough and despite several obstacles, made sure the windows worked perfectly before he left.”


                                                                           Catharine Shaugnessy

                                                                           Tully, NY



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